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Over 24 years seen in photo collage!
Over 24 years seen in photo collage!
THE BEGINNING was on October 15, 1996. A legal notice announcing the existence of The MO Amper Sounds was published on this date. The original location was at the address 1401 Senator Lane, Ford Heights, Illinois.
ORGANIZING a network of musical like minds, the "Pho-Dah Heights Krowd" was an effort to bring together various indie music business companies. The first slogan of The MO Amper Sounds was "Where A Tone Meant To Be In Tune...Becomes Harmony".

MUSIC RECORDINGS with poetry & hip-hop featuring  female rap artist ToMboy (Tina M. Blumenberg) were released in cassette format!

POETRY chapbook--SOUL LIBATIONS-- was being compiled as a result of several poems being published in various publications.
PUBLICATIONS of poems in newspapers like the Chicago Defender's "Poetry By The People" section began. Several poems like "Affinity" were later published in the chapbook SOUL LIBATIONS.
PIONEERING poets from Chicago's open mic venues like SOME LIKE IT BLACK in Chicago made positive quotes about the lyricism of the artist.
BREAKOUT events, publications, youth programs, and label management consulting began.

HOSUE OF BLUES was the first large venue performance for our artist.

MASTER'S Magazine was our communication vehicle released quarterly.

YOUTH PROGRAM called "Musical Minds" was created and  launched at the F.U.T.U.R.E. Foundation in Ford Heights, Illinois.

LABEL MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING  began with the RRS International record label's artist ROOTS ROCK SOCIETY.

SOUNDS OF BLACKNESS Grammy Award winning member BOB THOMAS brought the RRS music to us and both performed at Musical Minds.   

VERSEMAKERS held 3 events at Salaam Fine Dining following its debut
at Columbia College in May 1999.
COPYRIGHTS for 2nd release SOULjourn: Poetic Quests of Da Red AdmiRAW.

RENAISSANCE RHYTHMS launches at WCSU in Chicago. India Aria
interviewed on our show. Station manager John Kuladis brings "pirate radio" advocates --forerunners to LPFM
radio activists.

SATELLITE RADIO station interested
in adding Renaissance Rhythms.

MUSIC DISTRIBUTION services start 
at YOUTH EXPO in Ford Heights, IL.

BOOK PUBLISHING begins for the 
anti male bashing EXCUSE ME MS!

article for Common with Musical Minds.
MEDIA PARTNERSHIP with Route 2000 with a name change to Undergroundweekly for WORLD SPACE satellite radio. The new system covers 4 continents for over 4.4 billion people with a specific focus on "Edutainment Media" like Renaissance Rhythms.

​the multi-media project of
​Russell Simmon's presents
​DEF Poetry Jam.
​A network is established
​to help expose DEF Poetry
to a global audience
 while the web market of
Renaissance Rhythms is
to be expanded inside
the United States.

DEMO REEL for the show
Renaissance Rhythms
made by indie music
company DUP-IT with
Al Heath in Harvey, IL.

web links and banners
on both The MO Amper
Sounds & DEF Poetry
web sites.

Midwest Radio & Music
Association conference
in Chicago. Digital radio,
satellite & traditional has
Renaissance Rhythms.
Show status rises with
local trade professionals.
Iconic Hip-Hop station
WHPK in Chicago adds
Renaissance Rhythms.
(Pictured: Commander
& DJ Snooze)

for the City of Chicago
arts center GALLERY 37.
The LYRICS cd project
has production and
performance from
The MO Amper Sounds
artist-Da Red AdmiRAW.
MUSEUM & MULTI-MEDIA EXHIBIT debut for the ouR EVOLUTION of Poetry. The launch of a super web-site was made possible by the Digital Media Center of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Our VERSEMAKERS event was a platform for poets to make a submission for DEF Poetry Jam.

poetry, hip-hop, and
neo-soul web content.
Our debut of the show
"Activist Artist Footage
of DEF Poetry Jam" is
presented at St. Louis
EXPO. The host of an
XM satellite radio show
--Abena Disaroe, was
one of many at the

project recorded LIVE off
of Renaissance Rhythms
radio show is named--
The four (4) volume set
featured pioneer poets
like Abioyodun Oyewole
of The Last Poets, and,
Kent Foreman. Many
notable DEF Poets, and
poets from across the
United States were a part
of this project.

DISTRIBUTION of the 4 cd
at poetry venues in
Chicago, New York,
Los Angeles and more.

for the DEF Poetry Jam,
The MO Amper Sounds
provides commentary &
poetry from our previously
released publications.

POETRY PUBLICATION of our 3rd project. The cd
CHOCOLETTA had the acapella recordings of poetry from the new book SOUL REIGN and previously released recordings.

RECORD LABEL efforts on RRS International  lead to an award for "Best Reggae Album of 2002" at the Chicago Music Awards. The two other nominated artists featured on our cd project NEXT ON THE MIC was hip-hop artist SB and the Chicago DEF Poet "Triple Blak". Soldiers At War (in picture) were also nominated.

MUSIC DISTRIBUTION of the "Riddim to Riddim" album at live events for RRS International label. The MO Amper Sounds venue distribution services were utilized in mid-size to large festival events with Earth WInd and Fire, L.L. Cool J, and more.

MUSIC MANAGEMENT activities contributed to RRS International CEO Stan Champion and J. Commander of The MO Amper Sounds presenting the IRWMA to Sean Paul in New York City.

MEDIA & RADIO for inter-net, cell phones, and traditional formats led to The MO Amper Sounds becomng the official super-web site for DEF Poetry Jam radio.

MUSIC PROGRAMMING for DEF Poetry Jam Radio lead to working with  various artists from HBO
DEF Poetry and DEF Poetry on Broadway.

Actor and poet Paul Mabon was featured on our NEXT ON THE MIC! project. Grammy award winning poet Malik Yusef was one of the pioneering poets of Chicago quoted on our debut publication SOUL LIBATIONS in 1998.

many independent record labels was a service provided by The MO Amper Sounds.

FILM PRODUCTION by The MO Amper Sounds included a poetry reality show LUV 4 DA MIC! and part 1 and 2 of THE LEADERS documentary.

Many of Chicago's poets were featured in LUV 4 DA MIC!

INTERVIEWS from two Chicago "super-gang" leaders Chairman Larry Hoover and Chief Malik (aka Jeff Ford). Also, interviews from Kublai Toure of Amer-I-Can with football legend Jim Brown,  Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. and Lord Casius D of Zulu Nation.

PUBLICITY from the Chicago Sun Times with J. Commander of The MO Amper Sounds.

CELL PHONE MUSIC TONES were provided through our partnership with software development group

CELL PHONE MUSIC STORE was built by us for various music formats and artists of House Music, Inspirational, Classic Soul Rhythms & Blues, and Reggae World Music. The co-founder of Curtom Records
--Eddie Thomas of Vearl Records-- was among our clients. Also, Chicago Soul Music Legend Clarence Johnson.

RECORD LABEL CONSULTING was a service of The MO Amper Sounds.

CD MANUFACTURING services from The MO Amper Sounds was provided for magicians like David Shareef.

CELL PHONE MUSIC publishing was a service of
The MO Amper Sounds. During a visit to Respect For Life Bookstore in Chicago, Erykah Badu was speaking and the official "2005 Million Man March Song" was available for ringtones by our XINGTONE store from
The MO Amper Sounds at the
Digital Media Center of the
Illinois Institute of Technology.

published as we released
Approach to Niche Music
Business Marketing.
The MO Amper Sounds was
utilized for our 4 CD project
The 24 hour Neo-Soul station
WPAL-FM in Charleston, SC
hosted shows with our

4 CD set of poetry for the
project was done by
The MO Amper Sounds.
This project included poets
and artists from around the
USA including Elder
​Sam Greenlee (Filmdirector
​of The Spook Who Sat
​by The Door).

events like the BLACK EXPO
is  The MO Amper Sounds
specialty. Recording artist
Goapele was one of many
who appreciated our
support and efforts.
The MO Amper Sounds was
welcomed to premier at the Hip-Hop Odyssey International Film Festival.
We were honored to have our film showcased with the legendary hip-hop film director of Wild Style--Charlie Ahearn. It was great to meet
another hip-hop legendary MCee
Roxanne Shante. Activist-Director
Jamal 'Panther Baby' Joseph aided with getting the film debut in NYC.

MUSIC PUBLISHING administration is
a service provided by The MO Amper
Sounds Publishing. Following our
official appointment as an agent of Lu-Cor Music Corp., we began to
organize over 40 years of great soul
and blues music for licensing. We   accumulated all Lu-Cor Music copyrights made with Willie Dixon, Curtis Mayfield, Clarence Johnson
and Lucky Cordell - from the radio legends "The Good Guys".
MUSIC PUBLISHING was a key service for
us in 2008. Meeting with Marie Dixon (wife of blues legend Willie Dixon) and owner of
the historic venue and
non-profit Willie Dixon's
Blues Heaven located
in Chicago, IL.

APPAREL has existed  with The MO Amper Sounds since our start in 1996. Our MO EQ style of shirt was invited to join the "N TOUR" with Nas, Talib Kweli and J-Electronica who personally negotiated the deal. Our apparel was so successful that
celebrities like Kelis and
Andre Royo ( "bubbles" from The Wire)
were impressed.

Talib Kweli even did a freestyle saying he "lights up like brother's shirt" while performing LIVE in Hi-Tek's town of Cincinnati!

MANUFACTURING APPAREL for our MO EQ line of shirts was also a big hit at Chicago's  Chosen Few Picnic.

Legendary DJs like
Ron Carroll stopped to show support.

POETRY PUBLISHING has always been at our roots since founding
The MO Amper Sounds. Even after twelve (12) years, our poetry exists in anthologies like the Bandana Repulic compiled in-part by Bruce George, Peabody Award winning producer of DEF Poetry.

MUSIC CONSULTING for a variety of artist like Comedian Zac Peake is still a part of service at The MO Amper Sounds .

release from The MO Amper
Sounds began with writing
Freedom Became A Force
for Change .
show RENAISSANCE RHYTHMS was rebooted at WOLT-FM in Greenville,
South Carolina. We debuted a supplemental voting program
called--LOVER'S LANE to air
alongside our regular program.

company was boosted
by a second license of
our client's catalog for
Talib Kweli and Hi Tek's
new album. The song was
titled "Let Me Back In"
from the 1970s and made
BLACK GOLD for the
PER MINUTE. The song
pushed the album up to
number 3 on the Billboard
charts. Also, the song was
featured on LATE NIGHT

a mainstay at The MO Amper Sounds.
Whether special celebrations like
Women's appreciation Month,
National Poetry Month, or custom
events like our VERSEMAKERS series, traditional or "guerilla" promotions & marketing is our grind.

MUSIC COMPILATIONS for youth programs, city projects, or arts initiatives remain a part of our pre-recorded sounds initiatives. The MORE THAN JUST MUSIC music recording was compiled of poems from junior high, high school, collegiate and professional artists. The event was recorded live at a student organized and operated concert.

CR.A.F.T. (Creative Artists Focused on Training) is the initiative to give college students "hands-on" experience in applying their creative arts skill in the real world. Students
RADIO PROGRAMMING of our Renaissance Rhythms program encourages listeners to vote. Our successful campaign includes media coverage for our creation and giveaway of a remix recording of Rev, Al Green's "Lets Stay Together" with a signing intro of President Barack Obama. We partnered with the "Respect My Vote" initiative and Award winning rap entertainer 2 Chainz. 
BOOK PUBLISHING goes on with our 3rd publication release of LOVE AT OUR ROOTS: How Freedom Became A Force For Change.

EVENT MARKETING and WEB MARKETING launched at the national AAHGS conference of professional teachers, historians, professors, librarians and scholars of research history.

MUSIC PRODUCTION continues with studio engineer training for Pro Tools 10 & 11 at the Midland Audio Institute.

ALBUM DEVELOPMENT is ongoing with the album project
SOUL 7 I AMZ for 
Da Red AdmiRAW.
BOOK EVENT MARKETING expands with our museum exhibits, book offering and family research lectures for the book LOVE AT OUR ROOTS: How Freedom Became A force For Change.

NATIONAL MARKETING efforts expand into museums, bookstores, and conferences in cities like Atlanta and Chicago.

DISTRIBUTION of our 3rd book publication is supported by web commerce sites like Amazon, Apple iBooks, and Nook devices by Barnes & Nobles bookstores.

MUSIC COPYRIGHTS expands each year with Grammy Award winning and nominated artists licensing and remixing music from the Lu-Cor Music catalog administered by The MO Amper, and Warner Chappell Music.

PUBLICITY increases for our 3rd book publication with T.V. Coverage of event in South Carolina.

GAMING initiative starts with the debut of our trivia game
& CONSULTING started in 2007 with
community radio pioneer of WMXP
Attty. Efia Nwangaza. The FCC
granted 4 licenses to WXRU, Abigail
Radio, WQAT and WOVE in North
Carolina and South Carolina.
(pictured left to right: WOVE in Forest City, NC; WMXP in Greenville, SC; WMXP broadcast studio;
 Station operators of WXRU, WOVE, WQAT and WEZG & J.Commander meeting in Greenville, SC.
The MO Amper Sounds Publishing extends into our debut at the 30th LICENSING EXPO in Las Vegas. Networking and negotiating with national and international companies for music, film or television production, animation, and live entertainment like current Las Vegas and internationally renown dance group the JABAWOCKEEZ (pictured at right)!

(pictured right) Meeting with reps from LIVE NATION artists & merchandising at LIMA's 2015 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

CD MANUFACTURING  and DISTRIBUTION for re-release of publishing catalog on the album SWAG OF SOUL: Lu-Cor Music Collection. The project was revealed at the Record Store Day event in the Hyde Park Record Store in Chicago. The 'Good Stuff'album held in photo is by 'The Imaginations'
and was written, produced, and recorded by the Lu-Cor Music team at Chess Records in Chicago. 

The MO Amper Sounds conducted radio interviews with WHPK FM radio Dusty Party Crew at the annual SOUL REUNION. Radio interviews on both FM and AM radio stations highlighted the over 40 year musical journey of Lu-Cor Music with blues legend Willie Dixon and Soul legend Curtis Mayfield.  (pictured at right)!

(pictured right) Ruby Andrews holding original vinyl of 'Cassanova" -- a song covered by the group Coffee--a dance group under the Lu-Cor Music production team of Maurice Commander (not pictured) Jerline Shelton and Sherline Shelton with Linda from Jerline and Friends.

The group started as the Honey Duo Twins and later named The Identicals with music veterans from Curtom Records, Yambo Records and Chess records (as featured in the movie Cadilac Records).

(pictured right) Holding the CD  release SWAG OF SOUL after placement in the Guitar Center store is James 'The MO Amper' Commander--founder of The MO Amper Sounds. The CD is released on most major on-line retailers like
iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, and the Tidal service owned in-part by
Songwriting Hall of Famer and Platinum album selling--Grammy
winning Sean 'Jay-Z' Carter.
PUBLISHING CATALOG LICENSING of the Lu-Cor Music Collection from over 40 years. The original music of Lu-Cor continues to be sampled by Platinum selling, Grammy award winning, and Billboard charting artist.

MUSIC CATALOG LICENSING from the Lu-Cor Music collection continues to be utilized by award winning music producers like Jamla/ROC Nation producer affiliates 9th Wonder, Jus Blaze and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan (pictured at right).

(pictured right) Holding the CD  release SWAG OF SOUL: Lu-cor Music Collection in the Guitar Center store are patrons, producers, and fans of the original music.

​​​​​​BOOK PUBLISING for new release
Tips for Music Business Hits by James
' The MO Amper' Commander.

 (Pictured Right) Actor from the Marvel Comics based movie release
BLACK PANTHER -- Jason Pittmon--
supporting the SWAG OF SOUL cd.

(pictured right) The debut of
the Whooz House Hip-Hop
trivia card game at the NC
Comicon in Durham, NC
with Legendary Darryl "DMC'
Mcdaniels from the Run DMC
Hip-Hop Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame rap song which inspired the title
of the game --'Run's House'.

(pictured right) Afua Richardson
Illustrator of the BLACK PANTHER: World of Wakanda Marvel
Comic book.

(pictured far right) Emmy award winning artist, creator and
illustrator of the BROTHERMAN
comic book Dawud Anyabwile.

(Pictured right) Illustrator of the
T'Challa - Jay-Z's Black Album
cover for the Marvel Comics
tribute to Hip-Hop covers vols.
1 & 2. Also illustrator for the
BLACK PANTHER comic written
with T'Neisha Coates.

(pictured right) Stic Man of the hip-hop group DEAD PREZ at the
 A3C Conference in ATL with
the WHOOZ HOUSE hip-hop trivia
card game.

(pictured right) Partner-owners
manufacturers in Athens, GA standing
in front of the vinyl press
machine designed by Canda
based Viryl Techonolgies.

(pictured right) Actual press
from Viryl Technologies, and,
supporters of the vinyl and CD release
of the SWAG OF SOUL:
Lu-cor Music Collection on
The MO Amper Sounds.

Lu-Cor Music / The MO Amper, LLC.
gets notice from Warner Chappell
of song catalog license for
DJ Khalid production for
Keyshia Cole's new album
11:11 Reset.

The song Cole World (Intro) and Cole World (outro) featuring Legendary Hip-Hop pineer
Too Short.

The song used from the Lu-Cor
Music Catalog -- Ballad of Mathea by The Imaginations was originally written by Maurice Commander and Jerline Shelton.

(pictured right) Promo flyer for the
job creation and business building
to house the vinyl pressing tools
built by the Viryl Technologies.
Promo flyer release announces the
exploration of two plant locations to house the vinyl pressing equipment--
Ford Heights, Illinois and Forest City,
North Carolina.

Alex Deleroches and James 'The MO Amper' Commander at the Viryl Technologies offices in Ontario, Canada.

Inside a vinyl manufacturing
plant in Ontario, Canada.

James ' The MO Amper' Commander in front of a
Warm Tone vinyl record press.

Commander holding a  vinyl
test press and TPC (Thailand
Plastic Company) pellets in
the vinyl press plant.

Commander outside the Commercial plastics company outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

SWAG OF SOUL: Lu-Cor Music collection consumer of CD & vinyl record at Guitar Center.

DJ Khalid,  Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, and SOULjah Boy are new additions
of licensors for songs out of the Lu-Cor Music catalog. 

The MO Amper Sounds joins with NATIVE INSTRUMENTS to launch

Global producers who were winners from the Beat Technique competition were featured on the vinyl record, CD and digital release of REMIX YOUR BARS, Volume 1.

Lalya Pars of London, UK was the grand prize winner from the
BEAT TECHNIQUE competition with Native Instruments.

Viryl Technologies delivery of the vinyl record pressings for the
REMIX YOUR BARS, Volume 1 and
SWAG OF SOUL: Lu-Cor Music Collection release.

Business 2nd Quarter ASCAP 2019 reports over 3.5 MILLION plays of Lu-Cor Music's song 'Ballad of Mathea' licensed through Warner Chappell music by DJ Khaled for Keysha Cole's 11:11 Reset album (an increase of over 1 MILLION plays since 2018).


(pictured right) Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida.
Multi-World NBA Champ Shaquille "DJ Diesel" O'Neil holding the Swag of Soul: Lu-Cor Music Collection vinyl at the Winter Music Conference.

House Pioneers DJ Pierre and DJ Roy Davis Jr. (2019 Hall of fame inductee of The Chosen Few in Chicago.), and The MO Amper Commander holding their first Strictly Rhythms record release 'Angels Calling' (1992).

STAY IN THE GROOVE: The One Person Rule for Success is the latest music trade book pubishing by James 'The MO Amper' Commander

Investor & Capital deck launch for capital investments of The MO Amper, LLC / Lu-Cor Music Catalog.

THE B-BOY BILLIONS: Capital For Beats, Breaks, and Bonds is the supplemental music trade book publishing by James 'The MO Amper' Commander.

2X Grammy Winner SPEECH of Arrested Developments is chiefly sponsored by The MO Amper Sounds to present the lecture for his NIGGA FACTORY web series. Also picks up the B-BOY BILLIONS book.

Martial arts self-discipline is MORE THAN KICKING AND PUNCHING. Youth introduction to owning ideas for making training tools for martial arts with Stand Up Fighter gear made by Sensei Lee (Martial School  in Simpsonvile, SC); Muay Thai and UFC Champ trainer Sensei Hafee Hakim (Fairtex apparel); Sensei Ferguson of Ferguson Tae Kwan Do Karate (Spartanburg, SC).


Speech with book The B-Boy Billions:
Capital for Beats, Breaks & Bonds by
James 'The MO Amper' Commander

Lu-Cor Music song catalog
expanding with DJ Khaled
and The MO Amper
Commander in New Jersey
@ Grammy Museum.

Rakim 'The God MCee" signing his
Whooz House hip-hop trivia game card
in Atalanta with The MO Amper Commander.

Lu-Cor Music song catalog growth
from Legendary hip-hop producer
Jus Blaze @A3C in Atlanta with
The MO Amper Commander.

Song-valuation as IP assets for conversion from millions into billions of dollars via royalty trusts for bond issuance.

B-Boy Billions book push @A3C
in Atlanta with pioneer hip-hop
and health foods entrepreneur
YZ, Grammy award winning-
platinum selling producer
 Chris 'Deep" Henderson
 (Mya, R-Kelly, and Jamie Foxx's
​ "Blame It")

Exploring Lu-Cor Music song
catalog valuations with Hipgnosis
song acquired producer
"tricky" Steward and The MO
Amper Commander @A3C.

The MO Amper (o/b/o​ Lu-Cor Music) continues publishing administration as music value increases by projects of ROC Nation and Sony Music.

KRS One with his card from the
​Whooz House Hip-hop trivia game;
also, review of the​ B-Boy Billions​:
​Capital for Beats, Breaks and Bonds book. ​​​​​​​​​​​​


The GAMA (Game Manufactures
​Association​​​​​​​) and the American Booksellers Association (ABA) are
​trade organizations where
​The MO Amper Sounds and
​NOMMO books join.

ABA Conference for NOMMO
to meet with pioneers of book manufacturing, distributors,
​and retail store owners.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​


(pictured right) Making Vinyl Conference in Detroit, Michigan. Meeting with vinyl press machine manufacturers and music aggregators from around the world.

During visit to the Motown Museum inside the original recording studios where the 'Motown Sound' was made.

Jack White's Third Man Press to examine the Viryl Technologies press machines in operation.

A3C Festival in Atlanta to meet with platinum selling and award winning artist of  Lu-Cor Music Catalog usage and licensing--Wu-Tang Clan.

A3C Festival for positioning the Whooz House Hip-hop trivia card game among Record Label moguls and artists-- J-Prince (CEO-Rap-A-Lot records) and author of the book: The Art and Science of Respect;
Also, Jermaine Dupree of So-So Def.

The MO Amper: Music, Books, Games & Style hits the vinyl record conference circuits.

Whooze House trivia games purchased by new supporters like Mario Edge (WHPK radio & PBS special BOSS).

Remix Your Bars, volume 1 / SWAG OF SOUL at vinyl record conventions in Chicago, IL; Raleigh, NC; Chcarlotte NC. Also, the original writer, producers, performers, and founders of Lu-Cor Music-- Jerline & Friends (Jerline Shelton, Linda Echol, and Sherline Shelton).

SOULjah Boy samples 'Try Love Again' song from earlier writing/production team member Maurice Commander (Lu-Cor Music) when composing for CURTOM RECORDS.

Lu-Cor Music team's collection of vinyl classics from Curtom records, G.E.C. records, 20th Century and sought after by Sweden-based sample tech company Tracklib at A3C Music festival in Atlanta, GA.

WORD from the CEO
​Hear about staying focused on trade goals.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about Foundations for Business.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about rapid growth & B-Boy Billions.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about trade value awareness as a guide.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about dedicated business pioneers.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about $70 Trillion Capital from Culture.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about being aware of trade ceilings.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about mature trade growth.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about growing value from culture.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about legacy and song value growth.
* Interview with El Caobo Duke of Earl for The Dusties Party on WHPK-FM - Chicago, IL USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about value accuracy in trade.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear how value grows from local venues.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about value from local to international.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear about turning work value into books.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear of bridging value in media formats.
* Interview with Coach Antonio on Underground City Podcast--Union, SC USA
WORD from the CEO
​Hear of bridging value in media formats.